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About AI-IoT 2016

The international efforts to enable traditional and novel devices to participate in the uprising Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem will continue to increase the number of smart devices that surround us. However, our capacity as humans to meaningfully process, manage, control, and interact with them is limited by human nature, our interests, technical fluency and attention span. The coming new digital market envisions an ambient environment where the physical world, computer-based systems and humans converge and seamlessly interoperate resulting in an improved social and economic market place.

Collectively, the public sector, industry, academia, end-users, SMEs, and large corporations continue to feed the already high expectations of IoT. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is once again under the spotlight in order to deliver the algorithms and techniques that could help meet these high expectations and could drive the next socio-economic transformation. However, the technical challenges that AI is facing in the IoT ecosystem are numerous.

This workshop aims at providing the ground for disseminating new and interesting ideas on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can make valuable contribution for solving problems that the Internet of Things ecosystem faces. The virtualization of devices and smart systems, the discoverability and composition of services, the service interoperability, the distribution of resources, the management and event recognition of big stream data, algorithms for edge and predictive analytics, smart routing are only a few of the problems that looks for intelligent human centric solutions that could apply to applications of Smart Cities, Smart Farming, Transportation, Health, Smart Grid, Tourism, etc.